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Description of S.T.G. Control a ship and shoot enemies while avoiding enemy fire. Power-up items appear when some enemies are destroyed. There are 3 items: Power-up (red), missile (green), bomber (blue). Defeat the target enemy at end of the stage to clear the stage. When all stages are cleared or all lives and credits reach zero the game is over.DaimonSoftware 1st Develop section.http://daimonsoft.info/kuran_kuran/Tuchikurehttp://www.ds-tuchikure.com/CONSUMERS STUDIOhttp://www.consumers-studio.com/S.T.G. uses OPTPiX SpriteStudio.http://www.webtech.co.jp/spritestudio/ Version history S.T.G. New in S.T.G. 1.0.4 Version 1.0.4 Changes- IVirtual Currencycon changed- Add privacy policy button to option menu- Deleted the 20th anniversary button from title screenNew in S.T.G. 1.0.3 Version 1.0.3 Changes- Compatible with long vertical screen- Add bomb button- Add 20th anniversary button- Add items to option menuNew in S.T.G. 1.0.2 Version 1.0.2 Changes- Added a skip button to the ending.- Fixed that the upper part of the screen becomes black when releasing Sleep on Android ver.4 or earlier models.- Fixed flickering when skipping SpriteStudio logo. Please rate this app

he game plays out like how a family simulation game would:´╝ü


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